Quality Comparison - Stainless Steel Cables

Cables sold by Blue Planet are Made in the U.S.A. We are the only U.S. manufacturer.
All consumers products from Blue Planet are Made in the U.S.A. and in our Factory in China for bulk commercial orders. Products other than cables are made in Key West, FL USA unless otherwise identified.

Wholesale qualities of cables, in order to compete with U.S. importers of Chinese products and direct competition from China, are made in whole or in part in our factory in Hong Kong, China. We own an interest in a factory there so we can compete on an international basis while controlling quality and scheduling. Some products may be made from foreign parts or materials.

Blue Planet Security Products are Made in the USA Stainless steel screw end cables you can purchase in the U.S. from other sellers are from importers or the re-sellers of those importer's products and are all from China. One of the largest importers charges an inflated shipping and handling charge per order, a minimum of $17.00. Factor that in and their prices are not as good as they first seem and you are purchasing inferior quality products.

As the saying goes: "You get what you pay for."

This might seem to be just a matter of price, but it is not. The cables imported by importers and sold by many sellers are low quality stainless steel. They barely qualify as stainless steel at all and have more in common with plain steel. Steel, like iron will rust.

The simpliest way to tell the difference is to test the cables with a magnet. Cheap stainless steel is magnetic. It is more ordinary steel than stainless steel and it will not remain stainless for long. Used outside in a test on Miami Beach they corroded within a few days. Cheap import cables used inside corrode in a few months here in Key West, FL due to the salt air. We are 300 feet from the Atlantic Ocean and less than a mile from the Gulf of Mexico.

Test our cables. They are not magnetic because they are a much higher grade of stainless steel with less impurities and contain nickel.

Chromium is added to steel to make stainless steel. There must be at least 10 percent for it to be called stainless steel. Better quality stainless will have up to 18 percent chromium and it will provide much longer wear and repel permanent stains. The chromium essentially creates a protective layer on the alloy that prevents rusting and makes the metal resistant to any real damage.

Stainless steel with chromium will be magnetic. The magnetic effect will not tell you the amount of chromium in the stainless steel. There are hundreds of types of stainless, but there are 15 main types.

Our stainless steel cables are type 316N which is considered the "most nonmagnetic". Better quality stainless such as our cables has nickel added which helps to strengthen the protective quality of the chromium. Stainless steel that contains nickel is NOT magnetic at all. Our cables are NOT magnetic at all. It is cheaper to make stainless steel without the nickel and that is what all of our competition does. They also use cheaper connectors that are also magnetic. Our connectors are not magnetic.

In addition to nickel, we go one step further. Type 316 also has a maximum of 3 percent molybdenum added to increase corrosion resistance. Type 316 is the main stainless steel used in the marine environment and for surgical implants.

As a comparison, try a magnet on a good quality stainless steel sink or other good stainless steel items and you will see the best ones are not magnetic or only slightly magnetic.

Type Analysis of Stainless Type 316:
Carbon 0.08% max. Silicon 1.00% max.
Manganese 2.00% max. Chromium 16.00-18.00%
Phosphorus 0.045% max. Nickel 10.00-14.00%
Sulfur 0.030% max. Molybdenum 2.00-3.00%

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